New Home Checklist

By: Davenport Realty

New Home Checklist

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Are you moving into a new place?  Here are some helpful tips!

1. Update your address and transfer utilities 

Don't forget to update your address for your Driver's Licence, Healthcard, banking, credit cards, loyalty programs and your place of employment. You may also want to set up a temporary mail-forwarding with Canada Post. 

Call all your utilities, gas, electricity, telephone, internet, water heater etc,  and let them know the date you are moving and to switch over to the new address at that time! 

2. Change your locks and codes

You have no idea how many people the previous owner gave their garage code to or how many people have a front door key to your home.  First thing you should do after you take possession, is change those locks and codes!

3. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 

Make sure you have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector on each level!  Make sure they all have batteries in them and that they all work.  If not, replace them right away.  This is something you do not want to leave or forget about! 

4. Get your home clean

Before moving all your belongings into the home, take some time and deep clean the house!  You can higher a cleaner or do it yourself!  This is a great time to get carpets cleaned and even put a fresh coat of paint on the walls! 

5. Get to know your home's systems

Know where you HVAC system, circuit-breaker, water meter, and main water shut off valve is! It is important to know how to use each of these systems and what to watch for to know if they need updating or repairs. 

*Pro Tip: Check your water meter at the beginning and end of a two-hour period during which NO WATER is being used.  If the reading changes, you have a leak somewhere*

6. Make a home maintenance schedule

If you had a home inspection done before purhcase you may be able to find some information in there to when certain things around the house need to be done and tips on what to look for!  Use the report as a guide.  Set a scheudle and reminders to when you should be taking care of that maintenance!

Hope this was helpful to anyone moving into their new home!  There is so much going on when moving, sometimes the best thing to do is have a checklist!  

If you need help finding the perfect home or to find a professional to help you with the maintenance of your home, please reach out!  We have amazing contacts at Davenport Realty! 

Sourced from: Real Time Magazine from The Canadian Real Estate Association