By: Davenport Burlington

Does management listen to you?

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Happy Friday!! What a week!! Who else had a CRAZY week?!

Do you feel heard by management at your brokerage??

What could I mean by that??

WELL! As a Realtor, I bet you have a lot of vendor contacts in the business that you TRUST and that DO an AMAZING job for your clients! Have you ever wanted to bring them in to the brokerage to run a class and teach others what they have taught you??

WELL, Davenport Burlington is always open to introducing new people in each industry, have them come in a do a presentation, and introduce them to the team of Realtors we have here!

The management team is so different here. We listen. We care. We work FOR and WITH you.

What more could you want?
Everyone wants to be heard at some point.

This is just a small example of how the management team is different at Davenport Burlington!

Reach out to find out how Davenport Burlington WILL change your business!!

- Victoria Leahy
Sales Representative
Director of Client and Agent Care