By: Davenport Burlington

Paperwork...Is that a skill you have?

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Realtors!!! Quick question!!
How's your paperwork?? Is it good?

Or does the office often ask you to get something changed??
Guess what!
Here at Davenport we know that agents are not great at paperwork...let's be honest with that!

What do we do to help with that?

1. We have one-to-ones to help you better understand all the paperwork
2. We mentor you while you are drafting paperwork so we can help you BEFORE it gets sent to the client
3. We have MOCK paperwork challenges to refine your skills
4. Once paperwork is handed in, I create a list of the things I'm missing and do follow ups with you.

We have so many different packages available for you here at Davenport Burlington!
We want to make sure you have the skills to best represent your clients! I
f you want to know more about how Davenport Burlington can help take your business to the next level, REACH OUT!

Victoria Leahy
Sales Representative
Director of Agent and Client Care