What I get asked about Davenport Burlington: Part 1

By: Victoria Leahy from Davenport Burlington

What I get asked about Davenport Burlington: Part 1

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I thought I would do a post every few days about what I get asked about Davenport Burlington when I am speaking with an agent about joining the brokerage.  

So let's start with....Do you have a competitive commission split?

YES! We do.  We have so many different tiers of commission splits.  It all depends on you and your business.  If you are brand new and have never done a transaction, we have a plan for you!  If you are a more experienced agent and you want to move to a brokerage with more support BUT you have a competitive split, we will honour that.  We have the ability to talk to you about your business, where you are, and find a plan that works for all parties!! 

At the end of the day commission splits aren't everything, but we know that it is important!  Here at Davenport Burlington you WILL get more support, training, accountability, and mentorship then anywhere else!  

For more information about Davenport Burlington use this link to watch our videos!  Use the I'm Interested button on the next website to book a call with me if you want more information about the commission splits or anything else you want to know about Davenport!